All right. This thing deserves an update. Problem is this description-thingy deserves a lot of text because of its shape. Therefore I am sorry if most of this sounds odd. It always does. The problem is if I choose to update it I will eventually come back in a few weeks and say "Boy, I was dumb shit!" So I try very hard to please my future-self. It's hard and unfortunately it us quite impossible. NO IT'S JUST HIGHLY IMPROBABLE. Sorry. In case you are reading this I will now try and convince you to follow me or at least pay attention to my beautiful background. I made it myself and it is best appreaciated when you zoom out to 90 %. Thank you. Anyway. I like a lot of stuff which are neat I like things as well. Literature is a great passion of mine and films and series are wonderful to behold. I consider myself quite witty (this is where you give up and leave immeadiatly). Do have a nice time, enjoy yourself. Just keep rememberring "You Only Live Once" so make sure you don't waste it on irritating and crap people who speak in abbreviations. So long and thanks for all the f... Yes.

The likeable awkward guy was at work today! :D

And… He’s married.

Bizarre.. At least I got to know him a little better and such, I ACTUALLY TALKED TO SOMEONE. And I helped some ladies finding new books and stuff.

And guess what? - Yes, some kids crashed the children-area and there were like… STACKS of books… So many books. And a GIANT I am serious, GIGANTIC, recipe book…

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